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About Us

In 1960, just four years after truck vans—eventually known as shipping containers, an innovation developed by trucker Malcom P. McLean—were carried on deck of a converted freighter launched the age of containerization industry leaders, hungry to learn the technology, who recognized the need to educate each other on the whys and hows of this transport mode. It was, in fact, the most revolutionary change in shipping since sail turned to steam and hence the Bulk Packaging & Container Institute, later to be the Containerization & Intermodal Institute, became a reality due to the vision of the container leasing companies.



Since its founding in 1960, the mission of CII is to promote and support the business of  international trade and the intermodal container transportation industry. Now committed to educating the next industry of leaders, CII began its role as the voice of the nascent industry while training those that are today’s top-drawer people.


 Industry Voice

We are the voice of a multi-trillion dollar industry that has answered the call of globalization with innovation, technology and speed that moves cargo around the globe and has brought the world closer. With ocean carriers that can carry as many as 20,000 20-foot containers on a single ship with a mere ten in crew, can move freight from port-to-port, as well as floor-to-floor with breakneck speed, CII and its members have been the newsmakers that have brought this reality to the 78 percent of the world that is water and the land masses it connects.



The Connie Award, founded by CII in 1972, has become the most prestigious honor in the global containerization and intermodal industry to be awarded annually to people, companies, associations and other entities that have made significant contributions to the transportation modes. The Connies—short for containers-- are presented at the Connie dinner in Long Beach, California, every September and at the New York -area Connie luncheon each December. The award recipients are selected from a roster of nominees and honored at gala events whose proceeds benefit academic scholarships awarded to those who are perceived as the next generation of industry leaders.



Under the auspices of CII since 1992, an estimated $1 million have been awarded to promising logistics students at universities, colleges and even at high schools.  These funds have been donated to CII’s scholarship program by companies who hire and work in the industry, individuals who recognize the value of proper education in the field, various foundations and CII.  From full four-year scholarships to those who donate just $1,000, the funds are awarded through the cooperation of select schools whose awardees may be need-based or grade-worthy. All monies donated go to the students, who receive their awards at Connie events.


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